Let's Build Something Together

First, Let's Talk about the Vision

We want to see a network of simplechurches (what's a simple church? Click here.) emerge throughout the Sea to Sky corridor. Think Lion's Bay, Furry Creek, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Lillooet and the many places in between. Like our parent network (simplechurches), we want to see many of these simplechurches emerge so that we can network together for encouragement and regional worship gatherings. 

Imagine it like this. What if you spent three weeks gathering in your town every month? It could be in a home, a restaurant, or a community hall. You gather there for fellowship, prayer, the Lord's Supper, and scripture (provided via our They Devoted Themselves teaching series designed for these gatherings). And then, what if, on the fourth Sunday, all of these regional meetings gathered in one of our towns for a more significant worship event? 

Do you have the idea? That's what we're talking about. Simple gatherings of Jesus' followers throughout the Seas to Sky networked together. It works. Our friends in Simplechurches have been doing it for 16 years. 

So What's The Next Step?

If this interests you, follow the directions below, and we'll work together to see what might unfold. 

Let's Get You Started

There are two things that we need you to do:

1. Let us know who you are.

Reach out to Andy at this email.

2. Watch our introductory video series.

Andy, our pastor, created this introductory video series with three simple aims: 

1. Tell the simplechurch story - Everyone loves a good story. This is the story of how simplechurches (our parent network) began. In these videos we learn about simplechurches and the idea behind them. 

2. Provide some "How to's" -  Basic training for those looking to start something. 

3. Respond to the "Frequently Asked Questions" - People always have questions or concerns. We've found the questions tend to be the same.

Watch Our Video Series