The River Church simply desires to be a community of people who orient their lives around the person of Jesus. We want to be like Him! So whether you are well on your way on this journey down the river, or just beginning to explore what it means to step in, the invitation is simple. Open Your Heart to the Adventure - we invite you to join us on this adventure of living a life of faith in Jesus. 

 The River Churches guiding ideas are these: GET REAL (Grace-Filled, Engaged, Truthful, Relational, Experiential, Authentic, Loving).

One of the other guiding ideas that make us unique is that we embrace a Simple Church Hybrid Model, which we believe fits with our values, allowing us to be the kind of people God has called us to be in this community.

So every 2nd & 4th Sunday is devoted to getting all the Simple Churches together in what we call our CWG (City Wide Gathering). Then every 1st and 3rd Sundays we gather together in smaller gatherings, called Simple Churches, one of which is always at Don Ross Secondary School.

The occasional Sunday when we have 5-Sundays per month, we do something called “The Church Has Left the Building”, where we leave it up to the Simple Church Leaders to go after what God has put on their heart to do in the community (this can be things like prayer walk, a hike or ride that is all about connecting with your neighbour, hosting a community bbq on your street, picking up garbage in a certain area of town).

If you are looking for a Christ Centered Faith Community, and who God made you to be seems to fit who God called us to be, we invite you to join us on four consecutive Sunday's to give you a better understanding of our worship life here at The River Church. Then if after the 4 weeks, you feel at home, and have a clear sense God's Spirit would be delighted if you called the River your church family...we'd love to have you!!!

Check out our website and click on the Events and Community links for more information. If you have any questions regarding Jesus or the life of faith at The River, or you want to do a coffee with Pastor Darcy and Kenda please contact us at [email protected]

Pastor Darcy Reimer