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The River Church began in 2003 with the faithful leadership of founding pastors Darcy and Kenda Reimer and a team of ten partners from Brackendale. 

From its earliest days, The River has felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit to exist differently, to focus on building smaller communities of faith known as "simple" or "house" churches. For the uninitiated, this means doing church primarily in homes or more intimate settings - and bringing these little "home churches" together for a regional or CityWide gathering every so often.

In 2021, after many years of loving service, Darcy and Kenda felt called to move on from Squamish. This caused the River Church to discern its next steps, which led it to join another house church network from Metro Vancouver known as "SimpleChurches."

As simplechurches starts and supports house churches in Metro Vancouver, we're praying that The River Church will see a regional network of house churches form from Squamish to Lillooet.

Are you interested in church this way? Then, join us at a future gathering. 

Would you like to start a church but don't know how? Watch the training series prepared by simplechurches.

Do you have a house church but would like to merge with others? Reach out at the contact form below.

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