The River Church simply desires to be a community of people who orient their lives around the person of Jesus. We want to be like Him! So whether you are well on your way on this journey down the river, or just beginning to explore what it means to step in, the invitation is simple. Open Your Heart to the Adventure - we invite you to join us on this adventure of living a life of faith in Jesus. 

 The River Churches values thatt we long to reflect and live out are these: GET REAL (Grace-Filled, Engaged, Truthful, Relational, Experiential, Authentic, Loving).

The River has just said goodbye to it's founders, Pastors Darcy & Kenda Reimer who planted the church a little over 16 years ago. We have a sense that God is doing a new thing, in their lives and in our lives as a church family. Even as we grieve, we have a sense that God is not finished with us yet.

In light of these changes we want to let you know that the River Church is still gathering on Sunday mornings at 10 am at the NEST restaraunt in Brackendale for 1 hour services. We would be delighted if you joined us.

And would you please pray with us and for us as we embrak on this journey of discovery, of what God is saying to us, and where He might be leading us into the future.

The Board of Elders

The River