The River Church simply desires to be a community of people who orient their lives around the person of Jesus. We want to be like Him! So whether you are well on your way on this journey down the river, or just beginning to explore what it means to step in, the invitation is simple. Open Your Heart to the Adventure - we invite you to join us on this adventure of living a life of faith in Jesus. 

The River began as a Simple Church model, which meant that on the first and third Sunday's of every month we met in small gatherings we called Simple Churches and on the second and fourth Sunday's of every month all the Simple Churches met together for our City Wide Gathering's. 

Even though our values and vision haven't changed, we have now shifted from a strict Simple Church model to a church that gathers weekly every sunday in what we call our City Wide Gatherings. Although, we still hold to a simple model, being that we don't want to become all about programs at the cost of simply loving people and being in relationship, we now meet weekly. As well, we still offer one Simple Church and envision the multiplication of more Simple Churches in the future. We also have a number of Growth Opportunities, or Deep Stream Tracks that we offer each year that you might want to check out.

If you are looking for a spiritual community, we invite you to join us on four consecutive Sunday's to give you a better understanding of our worship life here at The River Church. 

Check out our website and click on the Events and Community links for more information. If you have any questions regarding Jesus or the life of faith at The River, contact us at [email protected]

Pastor Darcy Reimer