A Simple Church, you say?

Simple churches are small communities of Jesus followers that usually, but not always, meet in homes (they can also meet in restaurants, parks, community centers - anywhere people can gather). They are led by volunteers and they meet to worship through prayer, fellowship (often around a meal), the Lords Supper (Communion, Eucharist), and teaching.

They are, in all respects, churches. And we have discovered there is a real strength in this way of being the church. 

Why Do We Meet Like This? 

Here are a few reasons why:

Community | Relationships are Important

Gathering in small settings provides an excellent way for people to experience friendship and family. 

Money | We Want to Use Finances Well

When you have low infrastructure costs, you have way more to give away to a city and world in need. That’s just brilliant.

Safe | Questions are Important

People often have lots of questions about faith but few places to dialogue with others. We want to be safe communities where people can wrestle together in their shared search for God.

Participation | Everyone Needs to Play Their Part

The church is not to be an event we attend, a spectator sport. Instead, it is to be a family where we serve each other and our world. Living church this way forces us to participate, and we believe this makes all the difference.

Simple | Church Isn't Rocket Science

We get together, talk about Jesus, love each other, scheme about serving the world, and have a meal. What else could be better?

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