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Dani Wray has been a QUEST student here in Squamish for a year's time and has called The River her church family right from the start.

Dani has taken a significant step of faith in delaying her 2nd year at Quest, and attending YWAM and Discipleship Training School in Honolulu. Following that she will be doing a short term mission along with her fellow YWAM students.

Dani is desiring to find fellow christians to walk along side her as she takes this leap in faith in her relationship with God. She would be so grateful for any prayer, and even financial support (Dani will be fundraising all through my DTS phase because she currently doesn't have the funds for the second half of the trip).

If you want to know a bit more about Dani, here is a brief bio.

My name is Danielle Wray, although I always introduce myself as “Dani,” a name I was given by my family and friends, because I want to be everyone’s friend, and let them know that they are so loved, and a member of my family.

I grew up on the North Shore in both North and West Vancouver. While I grew up in a Christian home, I rebelled at a young age, and most of my childhood was spent away from church. God really opened my eyes to who He is and His love for me when I was in my teens. I still did not go to church regularly, but God met me where I was. Often I encountered God through my passion for the arts (I love any and all creative things), during rehearsal (I have been acting on stage for over 10 years), on the city streets I walked, with my friends (God’s given me a huge heart for people) and in nature (I love being outside).

I would describe my faith journey as a constant wrestling match. Slowly, God found me, and continues to pull me deeper into His loving arms, no matter how much I’ve struggled to trust and believe that He loves me, forgives me, and will never leave.

I was baptized at 16, and shortly after felt called to leave my high school to homeschool myself and deepen my relationship with God. I taught myself the rest of my high school curriculum, graduating in 2015. Once again, in January 2015 I felt very called to go to Quest, and so I came. My first year at Quest has been an incredible experience, although once again this fall, I had one of those moments that I felt God whisper in my ear to go, and run further into Him and surrender.

I don’t know where God is leading me, or where I will end up next. My life has been a wild adventure so far, crammed full of the unexpected. All I know is that God loves me, and He’s got me right where I’m supposed to be.

If you want to find out more about Dani's step of faith please consider:

- Check out her webpage which includes her donation, prayer, and blog pages.

- Watch her amazing short video and pass it on to your friends, which explains what she will be doing, why she is doing what she's doing.

Here is her weblink. Have a look.