We are called "Sent Ones". God sent Abraham into the Promise Land, Moses to Egypt. The ultimate example of being sent is when God the Father sent His Son to redeem a broken world, to open up a whole new way for all humanity to do life! This shouldn't surprise us. We don't have to look very far to recognize that our world needs redeeming. Everywhere we look we encounter sickness and disease, selfishness and greed, addictions, broken relationships, and all kinds of evil. In Jesus, God launched a rescue operation designed to bring about the healing and redemption of the world. This is what we believe it means to live out God's love, whether it be across the street or across the ocean. We too are sent ones. 

Sent with the greatest news ever given: we are loved by God, Jesus has done away with our sin and rebellion, and we are invited to join God's family both now and forever. This is the kind of grace we want to be immersed in. This kind of news is too good to be kept to ourselves. And so we try to remind ourselves that even though we live out this love wherever we go, sometimes it is necessary for us to be deliberate about it. 
So if you would like to become involved with this on a deeper level and learn more about what it means to be God's "sent one" both locally and/or globally, this ministry is for you. The River has formed something we call a Seamless Link partnership with with Gaileen who is an International Worker in a region called The Caribbean Sun.