Matthew 6:9-13; John 17; Rom. 8:15-17

Sermon Notes

No wonder the role of fatherhood has come under attack the way it has – the enemy of your soul is determined to pervert paternity and thereby deprive us of the key to our relationship with God in Christ. The word father has come to mean abuse for many. For other people, fathers are distant figures. Fathers are absent. Fathers are emotionally locked up. Fathers are busy and rarely around. Fathers discipline while mothers nurture. Fathers are unfaithful. The list goes on describing the absolute antithesis of our Father in heaven. The predominant experience of fatherhood for many of us has very little to do with God’s love and faithfulness fleshed out in family. Instead it is a portrait of another father – the one Jesus called the father of lies. • He abuses while God heals. • He is cold-hearted, distant and unfaithful, while God alone is love. • While Satan rushes about maniacally, limited in powers, the Omni-present God whose name is “I AM” always has time for His children.