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One thing COVID is teaching us is the value of partnerships. It's always better together!

Tenth Church in Vancouver is part of the C&MA Family of Churches, and one of their campuses are offering a 7-Week Bible Study through the Gospel of Mark for the next several weeks, so we wanted to make that available to you, the River Church.

Pastors Darcy & Kenda both went to school with Dr. Paul Spilsbury as one of their colleges and professors, so we feel like Paul is part of the C&MA Family, even though he is no longer with Ambrose but the Academic Dean of Regent College.

Paul will be leading us through a Bible study through this season of Lent! Together we'll be tracing the themes of the life of Jesus as we move towards Easter.

We will be running this Bible Study for 7 week over Zoom starting February 18 from 8PM to 9PM.

We cannot wait to see you there!

To register please follow the link below.