What is Young Life and Wyldlife

Young Life is an non-denominational, non-profit Christian organization that operates in over 70+ countries worldwide. It has been in Canada since 1954, and has been active in Squamish since 2011.  Young Life is actively involved in the lives of students attending Howe Sound and Don Ross schools.  There is no charge to be involved.  Young Life provides a safe environment where students can participate in fun activities, learn to make wise decisions, be themselves, and build healthy, lifelong friendships.

Who is Young Life and Wyldlife for?

Our mandate is to reach out to junior Wyldlife (grade 7,8 & 9) and senior high Young Life (grade 10,11 & 12) school-aged kids regardless of economic, religious or racial backgrounds.  At Young Life clubs and camps, students also have the opportunity to explore the Christian faith in an understandable and unthreatening manner.  Our ultimate vision is to see teens develop into mature young adults who will deal effectively with the challenges of life and make significant contributions to their families, friends and communities.


 To find out more about the organization of Young Life, please visit ww.younglife.ca www.youweremadeforthis.org

To find out more about what is going on for Squamish Young Life, visit their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Squamish-YoungLife.

To find out more about Wyld Life please click on link below.


To contact the Squamish Young Life area director, please contact Allyson and Dustin 
Email ahuguet@younglife.ca