Darcy Reimer
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Pray: Invite and acknowledge the Holy Spirit's presence.

Read James 1:1


Talk about what it would have been like being Jesus' kid brother. Then seeing your brother begin his earthly ministry, performing miracles and challenging the religious authority of the day. 

1. James identifies Jesus as his Lord (Master, Leader, Adonai). Here's Jesus' brother calling his own brother his Lord and Master. Think of the transformation that took place in his life in order to do that. From jaded skeptic to smitten. 

2. What do you think "did it" for him? Was it the miracles? The authority in which Jesus taught? The resurrection? The coming Holy Spirit? What was it that brought him to the place where he followed Jesus as Lord? A conviction he was willing to die for. 

3. James also called himself Jesus' bond-slave or servant. How does this fit with Jesus' words in John 15 where he says to his disciples "I no longer call you servant, instead I call you friends." Is this a contradiction? Was James misled? What is the connection between knowing Jesus as Lord, and him calling us friends and servants? 

4. Serving Jesus as your Lord. What does that idea stir up in you? Eagerness or reluctance? Is this a picture of freedom or bondage for you? Why?

5. The clear picture that James had etched in his heart and mind was that Jesus is the Good Master which enables us to follow Him as "doulos" or slave. Do you know Him as your Good Master? How's your trust level in this season of your life?

6. What's it going to take for us as a church to know Jesus not just as friend or big brother, but as Lord, through this series?

Closing Thoughts, Questions, Stories. 

Pray at together and for one another.