Darcy Reimer
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Read James 1:19-27

1) Share "Take Away" from this last sunday's message.

* If some people have not listened to the message entitled "Posture" from last sunday either live or on-line, have someone give a summary and their own take-away of the sermon.

2) How is your posture towards God, Jesus and His Word in this season of your life? Are they all different or the same?

3) Share idea of Jesus and the Word modelling this beautiful balance of "Invitation & Challenge" with the purpose of God drawing us to Himself (healing/taming the wild stallion of humanity). How do you experience Jesus and His Word? Are you able to respond to both challenge and invitation? Or where do you lean more easilly, challenge or invitation? Why is that?

4) James calls us to be a people quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. When we are quick to become angry, what does that tell us about where we're at? Remember, anger is an emotion that usually is triggered by something deeper. What we know of anger is that where there is anger, there is usually hurt, fear, or guilt under the surface. How does this coincide with what the text is saying?

5) As children of God, do we want to be angry people? What does it say to a broken world if we the Church are caring for the orphan and the widow (doing all kinds of good deeds in Jesus' name); meanwhile modelling a posture of anger (words & tone & actions) to all we come in contact with? 

Share & Pray