Darcy Reimer
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Pray - invite Holy Spirit to be present

Take one minute to be silent / listen / be aware of God's presence & voice

Read James 4:11-12 and Matthew 7:1-6


1. How did God speak to you at the last CWG? How were you challenged? Encouraged? Did God stir anything up in you through the teaching?


2. What is Jesus talking about in this text concerning planks and saw-dust? 

3. When have you been blind to your own plank meanwhile trying to pick out a speck in someone else's eye? 

4. When have you been mis-judged by someone whose hands were not clean? Does that pain still linger? How does that colour your ability to understand this text clearly?

5. Anything God asking you to "do" as a result of this text / teaching?

Talk / Pray