Darcy Reimer
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As many of you know, Glen is an active member of the River Church and has been for many years. First as one of the exceptional Tutors (professors) of Quest University, now as one of the faculty of Trinity Western University. I just had a lunch with Glen last week at Bean Brackendale, enjoying one of their new (old) picnic tables, where we were able to get caught up and I given the chance to hear how God led him to leave Quest and become a new faculty member of TWU. Beautiful story! Thanks Glen for sharing!!

If you don't know Glen, let me encourage you to get to know him.

One of the things I enjoy about Glen is the fact that yes he is brilliant, but more than his brilliance is the fact he is real, approachable, down to earth, and humble. My life has been enriched over the years having known Glen.

Here's the article he wrote / which tells his recent God-story...