Darcy Reimer
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People were designed to need each other and rely on each other. People were designed to learn and grow from loving interaction with other people. That is why a safe and loving family is such an important thing for children. They need those relationships to develop properly. It’s the same with us as believers… we need healthy relationships with other followers of Jesus to experience all of the blessings and freedom that God has in store for us as His people…

When we find ourselves in a loving relationship with other believers we begin to live life in a new way, a more freeing way. We have people to encourage us when we need it; we have people to build us up. We have the awesome gift of having a support structure to rely on when things get tough. A man doesn’t have this freedom when he lives his life as a lone ranger. His life is spent chasing his tail trying to meet all of his needs or find some sort of support in other way. He is living in a way that is contrary to the way that God designed people.

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