Darcy Reimer
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I know you might find this controversial, but I want you to consider that there are many who follow Jesus, who have a different view of the origins. So please don't black-ball me! This is just meant to start a conversation! So let's get a conversation going, and not a fight!!

I find that these videos so beautifully explain a God who has been involved in Creation throughout time. That God and Science are not in combat to one another. That God indeed wrote two books; God's written Word / Logos (Special Revelation) and Creation (General Revelation), and that they're not meant to contradict one another - they're not meant to confuse us or put us into a place where we think we have to choose between God or Science. In fact, did you know that the early scientists used scientists to draw them closer to God; point them to the magnificance of the Creator God. Who else but Jesus is the Creator, for everything has been created by Him and for Him (Col.).

Anyways, have a listen and be prepared to let God blow your mind.


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