Tantalus Simple & Small

This simple church meets the 1st & 3rd Sundays of every month from 5:00-8:00 pm at different homes and includes people from a variety of ages, backgrounds, and life stages.  The evening typically starts with a meal which allows for a time to socialize.  After the meal the focus shifts to encouraging one another in this spiritual journey called life.  This could include a discussion based on a book the group may be reading or the message from the previous City Wide Gathering.  We understand that life is not meant to be a solo venture, it is meant to be done in community and it is when we are open about what is going on in our personal lives, the good and the difficult, that we are able to receive and give encouragement, support and prayer.

PS - The picture is of the hampers we put together for "youth in care" for Christmas a few years back.

To find out more about our Simple Church contact:

Richard Hoshino at [email protected]