1 Corinthians 15:3-28

We live in a world longing for Hope.

I was taking an online course with Darryl Johnson on Preaching mid-February and he shared a startling discovery with us.  

He said that in his talking to 20 -something followers of Jesus, he hears the same theme again and again.

There belief being this.

That their predominant belief is that they don’t expect anything good to happen ever again. Speaking primarily about the planet and all creation.

Absolute sense of discouragement. No hope. This sense that the world has gone beyond the point of no return and the world is beyond repair.

So Easter, to be relevant, needs to speak into this current sense of reality.

But not only speak into it, I believe Jesus' resurrection has the power to de-fang this lie of hopelessness.

Let's find out how...