Acts 5:12-20

Engage / Acts 5:12-42  

I so appreciate how this Jewish lady worded it – when you decide to follow Jesus you will be going against the splinters.  

Not against the grain, you get splinters, but against the splinters.  

If you came to Jesus and expected smooth sailing, you’re in for a big surprise.  

But in spite of the splinters she engaged – didn’t back down.  

Remember, the definition of tribulation?  

The tectonic plates coming up against each other below the surface – causing pressure and occasionally you’ll get a shaking.  

All that will shake will shake…  

Russ Taff writes in his song with the same title.  

I'm tired of great big men With ego kingdoms in mind Trying to tell me how to spend My money and time

I like it easy The strain to change Does not appeal to me A God to please me Who'll run the world the way I think it should be But you can't package faith In some shrink-to-fit size You can't market truth Wrapped up in happy lies  

All that can shake will shake All that can quake will quake

To break the fact from the fake All that can shake will shake  

How do you think we have mountains?

The Tantalus Range is there because of the Tectonic Plates colliding.

Causing Pressure.  

When we pray that God move mountains, or that God would make something beautiful in our lives (Matt Rutishauser's contribution).  

You can bet that the pressure will build. Stuff will happen, that very likely will be hard.  

But be sure, God is making something beautiful.  

This is what God is doing in this context through the book of Acts, and perhaps what He wants to do in us.

If you want to listen to more...have a listen.

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