Acts 4:23-32; Psalm 2

We began with a prayer of blessing by my friend Steve Bell called The Journey

Where do you run to when you face tribulation, opposition. Times when tribulation, like pressure caused by two kingdoms colliding, where do you run?

Here we see the early church responding in three ways:

1. People of God

2. Prayer with God

3. Promises of God

Hope you're encouraged as you listen and engage.

Here are some follow up questions to dig deeper this week, whether it be in your quiet time or small group / triad.

1. What is 1 thing that jumped out at you though the service?

2. When you study scripture, and look at how the early church experienced opposition, we see that there are two ways the enemy and God work in our lives. The first way is when we are turning away from God, the enemy tries to make us feel good about it and keep going in that direction while the Holy Spirit convicts us and wants us to turn toward God. The second way is that when we are following God and pursuing Him, the Holy Spirit encourages us and the enemy works hard to pull us away from God. In the message this week Darcy talked about how we experience opposition when we go “further up and farther in” with God. Where do you see this currently in your own life? What is God inviting you to do about it?

3. In the passage this week we saw what the disciples did when they experienced opposition.
a. ran to their fellow believers - who is this in your life?
b. ran to God in prayer - what from their prayer speaks to you? Focusing on praise? Asking God for perseverance in your trial?
c. remembered God’s promises - is there a promise from scripture that God is giving you these days to hang on to that reminds you of who He is?

4. Share how God is speaking to you this week with a trusted friend.