Acts 4:4-22, Eph. 2:19b-21, Psalm 118:22-29

The message is actually shorter but there were some Q&A throughout, which you are free to FF or listen to the whole thing. Some rich things throughout so I encourage you to listen to the whole recording.

We began with the beautiful timely text Psalm 118:22-29

Then this song, Christ our Cornerstone

We looked at some images that hopefully added richness and texture to this truth that Christ is the cornerstone of our salvation, faith, and our very lives as followers of Jesus.

We looked at the 3 ways people can relate to and know Christ.

1. The stone the builders rejected, the stumbling rock.

2. The crushing stone like an ancient olive press

3. Cornerstone, or Capstone of our Salvation

For all of us we are invited to identify those areas of our hearts that still resist Jesus' rule and reign in our hearts, and are invited to rest on Jesus as our Cornerstone.