Darcy Reimer
November 8, 2020
Darcy Reimer
Lead Pastor


Acts 2:22-40; Psalm 16

Alongside the message we also heard Jonathan's story from One For Israel where he discovered Christ as the Messiah, his Rescuer. Here is the YouTube Link


For further reflection for you personally as well as for your Simple Church or Bubble, here are the discussion questions:

1. Recall all the ways God has rescued you in your life. Where has He sustained you, given you what you needed in the moment you needed it? If you can’t think of anything or want to go deeper, ask God to show you where He is throughout your day. Pause at the end of each day this week and ask God to show you where He was and notice what comes to mind. Pay attention to what was going on internally (feelings, choices, thoughts, etc)for you as well as externally (circumstances, others choices, etc). Remember, God isn’t just “out there,” as a child of God He is alive and active IN you.

2. Where are you currently in need of rescue? What in your life feels too big for you? Where do you long to see change? Share these with God and hear what He says to you about them. Sometimes we want God to act instantly and make things how we want and there are times He does that. However, there are some things where the rescue comes in the form of surrender or joining Him in a process of healing. What is His invitation to you? Talk to Him about any disconnect you feel.

3. Is there anything else that God put on your heart through the service this week?

4. Share your thoughts, feelings and experiences around what comes to the surface with a trusted friend.