Darcy Reimer
February 24, 2019
Darcy Reimer
Lead Pastor


Galatians 5:1-5

Clarification around time. There are a few group discussions intermingled within the message, which adds to the length. So feel free to fast forward where you need to.

Here are the Group Questions for your Simple Churches.

1. Have you ever come close to losing (or have you ever lost) your Christ-given freedom? How did this happen? What lessons can you draw from it? Share as openly as you are able/

2. How much of a difference does your certain future hope (remember this means assurance & certainty) make to your life now?

Full state of righteousness, complete right standing before God in practical terms, no longer struggle with sin and sickness, justified, adopted, glorification, the Lord saying "good and faithful servant", without stain and wrinkle, without blemish, holy and blameless, no longer restricted by "old negative tapes", encumbered by regrets, the pain of sin, sorrow, suffering or sadness.

Note: Remember, it's not the reflecting that makes it true; no, it's true, therefore we can reflect on it.

3. How can you make sure you meditate on your glorious future more often? Where will that happen? How can you make sure you take the time to do this reflecting more often?

Thanks to Timothy Keller's commentary on Galtians, and another commentary entitled Galatians by Frank J. Matera (giving a refreshing perspective on the text). Both have been a great resource to me these last several months, in my study and preparation.