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Mat. 8:2327; Mat. 14:13-21

Kenda requested that I take her talks off the website; which helps explain why they're not found. 

We value and love the fact that Kenda is speaking once per month at the River, says so much doesn't it? But if you would like to hear her speak, you'll have to attend one of her CWG's. ;-)

So many confirmations, from Jesus' calming the storm to Jesus feeding the 5,000. It's amazing to think that our teachers very rarely talk to the worship teams, and yet their choice of songs and stories so connect. We saw that in dramatic fashion this morning; all a confirmation that Jesus was speaking to us, and had a specific Word for at least someone.

Great family morning, including solid biblical Spirit led teaching, as well as an opportunity for us to learn something about Gabon Africa, a country Pastor Kenda got to visit many years ago as she was in college.