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It's September, and that means we're less than a month away from this year's Sea to Sky Gravel Fondo! Lots of things still need to happen before the ride goes ahead on Sep. 26, and we need your help.
  • If you haven't already signed up as a rider, please get this done first! We can't do the ride without the riders, and every body is welcome. We also need help from our support crew, so if you don't plan on riding, consider volunteering to help at an aid station or with transportation. 
  • Donors, donors, donors. It's never too early to start asking your friends and contacts to support you on your ride. It's also never too late! You won't know where your support will come from until you ask.
  • We're working hard to sort out the logistical details of the ride, and we'll keep you updated as things get closer.
If you want to find out more information for any of these items or riding the Fondo yourself, please contact Pastor Darcy at [email protected]
Where to find out how to donate or Register. 
Directions on how to direct you donation to the person or city of your choice, follow prompts below.
Once you press the button Donate, you will be given the option of the amount, as well as a bar that allows you to add the city or the name of the person you are supporting. If you add the name of the person, it will not only go to the right community, it will also help that individual achieve their fundrasing goals.
Pastor Darcy will be riding from Whistler to Squamish for YL Squamish, so feel free to punch in his name.
But he will also be riding from Squamish to Whistler for an organization called The Sanctuary which supports at risk youth in Victoria. To find out more information on this portion of the ride, please contact Pastor Darcy.
To donate to the Sanctuary, please click on link below, and direct your donation to Darcy.