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Every 1st & 3rd Sundays we have a Family Friendly Service where you can come with your children. If you are interested in what the bible is all about, or want to expose your children to a healthy family friendly environment where they can be exposed to Christianity, and what makes this faith different from other faiths, this Sunday morning is for you.

If church environments usually push your buttons, we try our best to create this as NOT one of those experiences. Grab a coffee, find a table, pull out some play-dough, and enjoy the blens between "What's in the Bible?" kid's video clips, and adult directed conversation.

For more information on how we value our kids, and our growing River Kid's Ministries, please click on the link below.

With many of our kids growing up and becoming teenagers, and many of our current little ones still being in diapers, we are given the chance to take a breath, and put some things in place to grow our kids ministries for the coming years. If you want to be on the team, and help be the agent of change and growth for the future, please contact Pastor Kenda Reimer at [email protected]

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