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A little about the facilitators. Darcy and Kenda have been married for 22 years, and have 4 wonderful children (Beth 19, Anna 17, Luke 15, and Kamron 13). Amidst doing life in a busy household, with 4 growing children, it can be a challenge cultivating a fulfilling life-giving marriage. We don't claim to have a perfect marriage, but we think we have learned some good stuff over the years, and would love to create an atmosphere where this growth can be passed on.

Kenda and Darcy were trained in pre-marriage mentoring around 1999 with material created by Paddy Ducklow (Psychologist and Marriage Counsellor in West Vancouver), and have mentored over 25 couples over the years. So fun! Kenda is also a registered clinical counsellor here in Squamish, not that this is a counselling event, but at least it gives you a bit of background on us and the material.

Over twelve years ago we invited Paddy and Carol Ducklow to Squamish, where we held our first Date Night Event for couples (dating, living together, engaged, thinking about getting engaged, married etc.) wanting to grow in their relationship. Needless to say, the event was a hit, but due to a season of life the Ducklows could no longer be involved. Since then, Darcy and Kenda have been dreaming of doing another set of date nights, so now is the time.

This is how the evenings will roll:

Darcy & Kenda are clergy yes, but this is a non-religious event!!! Please know that up front.

Cost will be $20 per couple, but you will pay for food and drinks on your own. Depending on what you buy, the evening will start at $20 per couple. If you do all 4 sessions, it will cost you $80, which we think is pretty good bang for your buck.

You'll come in, order a drink, and / or food item (pay the server for whatever you order / we encourage you to tip generously - as Anna is our daughter).

Find a table for two, and grab questions that fit your relationship (pre marriage, married or living together, re-marriage).

Once we get started, Kenda and Darcy will speak for 10-12 minutes on the evenings topic, then encourage couples to work on their questions together.

Darcy & Kenda will be available to answer questions, in case you don't understand one of the questions. We will also be available for an extra session in case the evening uncovers an area that you desire further mentoring.

These are the topics we will be covering.

Spring 2019

Apr 28 - Family History

May 5 - Communication

May 19 - Children, Parenting and Expectations

May 26 - Strengths & Weaknesses

Fall 2019

- Conflicting, Fighting and Being Hurt (How to Fight Fair)

- Our Sexual Relationship

- Love Languages (Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, Physical Touch)

- Our Spiritual Relationship (regardless of faith or religious perspective, we are all spiritual beings. Question is, are we on the same page?)

* Exact dates will be set in the fall