Movie Night and Movie Sermons

Movie Night and Movie Sermons

A few years ago, as part of my Masters Degree, I took a class at Regent called Movie Theology. Some might think this was a gravy class, something with no theological substance whatsoever, but let me tell you, this was far from the truth. Interesting that the course was taught by my theological professor, Dr. Glen Scorgie, one of my professors in my Bachelors degree at Canadian Bible College (Glen now teaches at Bethel Seminary San Diego).

One of the things that Glen affirmed through that course is just how often God by His Holy Spirit uses the Arts, especially the art of story in movie form, to speak to us. Example after example we heard stories of how God used a particular movie to provide comfort, challenge, affirmation etc. to people just when they needed it the most. No wonder much of the Bible is Narrative - God knows the power of story to open our hearts to Him.

A number of years ago the River highlighted the movie Hugo, where Darcy encouraged the church to watch the movie knowing that he would be preaching on the movie in weeks to come. This is something we want to do again, only take it a bit further.

We will set up Don Ross as a movie theatre 3 X through 2017-2018 show-casing 3 full-feature films, The Shack (Nov. 4), Chocolat (Feb 10), and Ratatouille (May 12). Of course we can all watch these films in our own homes, but there's something way better about watching a movie together. Way more fun!!

So mark your calendars and invite your friends.

Nore: There will be a fee of $2 per person / $5 per family which will help us cover our costs of renting the facility and paying for a movie license. We will also be selling chips and popcorn etc. at cost so please come with extra change to cover that.


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