Movie Night and Movie Sermons

Movie Night and Movie Sermons

 A number of years ago the River highlighted the movie Hugo, where Darcy encouraged the church to watch the movie knowing that he would be preaching on the movie in weeks to come. This is something we want to do again, only take it a bit further.

The upcoming feature will be the Disney classic Ratatouille (rated G) which we will show at The Squamish Adventure Centre on May 26th at 7:00 pm. If you end up coming, or have seen the movie already, perhaps you can guess why this movie fits so well with our current teaching series. If you're interested to find out where Pastor Darcy takes the movie, let me encourage you to make it out to the CWG on Sunday morning to hear him speak on it.

Oh, if you ever want to check out church but are afraid to, this is geared to be as non-threatening as possible. So be encouraged to bring your friends.

Note: There will be a fee of $2 per person / $5 per family which will help us cover our costs of renting the facility and paying for a movie license. We will also be selling chips and drinks (soda water / pop) for 50 cents each so please come with extra change to cover that.


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