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Pastor Darcy and Kenda have faithfully served our church since July 15th 2005.  

The elder’s board decided to offer a sabbatical leave to Pastor Darcy and Kenda 4 years ago, at which time they took 1½ months leave with the intention that they would receive another 1½ months the following year.  Unfortunately, that did not happen. In order to honor this original decision, it is our desire to offer this Sabbatical now.  

The CMA strongly suggests Alliance Churches give their pastors a 3-5 month Sabbatical every 7 years. Our board believes it can support Darcy and Kenda with shorter sabbaticals each year instead, which is easier for a small church to manage logistically. We want to let you know that Errol Rempel, the CMA District Superintendent is aware of, and supports this plan.  

In light of this we have granted the Reimer’s a paid sabbatical starting on June 1st and they will return to ministry on August 15th, after their family vacation (1 1/2 months sabbatical, 4 - week vacation).  

The benefits of the sabbatical program include Spiritual renewal, Health and Self Care, The chance to re-fresh, re-tool, re-vision as well as Strengthen their health as a couple (remember they pastor together, parent together, etc)  

In light of the fact that we are not meeting publically, the Zoom platform provides the church the chance to meet without the logistics of meeting in public, with all that that entails. Government Subsidy available for Kenda also allows them to receive the benefits of sabbatical together. After 15 years it’s about time.  

We have worked out a sabbatical plan with Darcy to make the time away as meaningful as possible. If interested, Darcy will be happy to chat with you about what this Sabbatical Plan entails.

During Darcy and Kenda’s absence, Claudia Weiland [email protected]and Dorothy Wikkerink [email protected] (elders of TRC) have agreed to be our Pastors at Large / Point Person Team from June 1st to August 11th at which time both Pastor darcy & Kenda will be back to work.

It is important that we respect this sabbatical period and not contact our pastor as though he were still at work. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Caludia or Dorothy.  

We covet your prayers for Darcy and Kenda that it will be a great season of refreshing, re-tooling and re-visioning for them. Their desire and ours is that they receive a fresh wind of faith and Spirit-filling for the next phase of their ministry in our church.

Details around the decision to lay Kenda off during this season.

Due to COVID, the leadership have decided to lay off Kenda for 16 weeks, which will give the River a bit of a breather financially. In order for the Reimer’s needs to be taken care of, Kenda will be applying for the 16 week CERB government subsidy which will take her to August 13th at which time she will be hired back by the River (decision made elder mtg April 29th). Kenda being laid off allows her to take a Sabbatical so to speak along with Darcy.