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Dear River Church Family,  

TRC (The River Church) continues to pay close attention to COVID-19. We receive daily updates and information about the most recent developments from the Provincial Health Officer, the BC Centre for Disease Control, and Fraser Health.

The River will continue to gather via ZOOM from May - August as it will be extremely difficult for TRC to gather together meanwhile trying to adhere to social distancing protocols. In light of this we will gather weekly through ZOOM for our formal worship gatherings but when appropriate, we will announce impromptu gatherings at Alice Lake for those who want to have a social distance party. So stay tuned.      

In the meantime the most important thing we can do to prevent coronavirus and other illnesses is to wash our hands regularly and avoid touching our face. We have increased reminder signage around the church to remind us to wash our hands. We should also cover our mouths when we cough so we are not exposing other people to our germs. Either cough into a tissue and dispose of the tissue into the garbage, or sneeze into your elbow.      

As always, you can arrange with Claudia Weiland on how to leave your tithe and / or offering in the Joy Box at her home, where it can be deposited on a weekly basis. But of course we encourage people to arrange with TRC to have your giving automatically deposted on a monthly basis. And if that doesn't work for you we want to let you know that on our website there is a way to give through which you will find on the top link at ·      

If you dsire to be part of our Sunday Morning ZOOM Worship Gatherings, please check out the website for the ZOOM link. So we know you're safe to include in our gatherings, please contact Claudia Weiland at [email protected] so we know who you are when you click onto the ZOOM link.

Also, and as always, if you are away from the church because of any kind of illness, or if you would like to request pastoral care please let us know. We would be delighted to pray with and for you.


Stop Meeting in Groups

This includes Churches, house parties, beaches, mingling with friends, public gatherings, Malls, Group Hangous, Gyms or Pubs.

Since it is so ddifficult for the church to gather together and maintain social distancing guidelines, we have chosen to not gather in groups of 50 or less until restrictions are lifted.

Use Caution or Limit

If you have no symptoms and need to go out, stay at least 2 meters apart from other people and make sure you wash your hands after.

Essential outings would include grocery shopping, picking up medication, walking in public, hiking or riding the trails, transportation to a job, or take out food and coffee establishments.

Safe to Do

Saty at home or go on outings with members from your household.

These would include play in yard, yard work, gardening, meet with friends online and ZOOM, work from home, take classes online, cook, read, TV and movies, front yard visits with small groups of friends, a walk, hike or ride with a friend or two.

Hope this helps!

See you on Sunday!  

Grace and Peace  

Darcy & Kenda Reimer

Lead and Co-Pastor