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“During Times of stress, anger, or fear, the limbic system overpowers the prefrontal cortex. This is the brain’s main impulse control center. Not fully developed until the age of 25, this is where moral decisions are made. The overpowering nature of the prefrontal cortex is especially challenging for those struggling with porn or sexual addiction. We tell ourselves we will be brave, and that today we will have victory…but it never seems to work.”

Conquer Series teaches that the issue of addiction is both a brain issue (pathways created in our brain / stressed or hurt or angry and we go to food, porn or shopping etc. to remedy the pain. Do that enough, and we have now created a pattern), as well as a core wound issue (this can be any sort of loss that was big for us growing up, like losing a pet, losing a parent, parents divorce, loss of friends, being bullied etc.). Begin to identify the core wounds, and learn to talk about them, as well as see the brain patter we have created, is part of what Conquer is all about.

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The 5-Week Conquer Series combines both faith in Jesus as well as understanding our brain pathways. to help us find freedom. Contact Pastor Darcy of The River Church at 604-848-8007 to learn more about this upcoming course.