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Come early, grab a coffee, get acquainted with some old and new faces, and engage in worship in various ways. We see our City Wide Gatherings as a place to engage with a Living God, Father, Son and Spirit. We work hard at fighting the consumer thing so pervasive in our culture, so we invite all of us to take the position of participant, rather then spectator, in whatever might be happening that morning - whether it be listening to and engaging with the scripture focussed message that day, singing and listening to the worship, engaging with a slow read of a bible passage, breaking bread and taking the cup as we celebrate Communion the 2nd Sunday of every month, receiving prayer, listening to a friend, sharing a story, giving a prayer, sitting in quiet - whatever it might look like in this season of your life.

In all of this, we desire to be a church where the broken and wounded and tired can find healing and restoration. So come as you are.

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