Support & Recovery

Are you facing a struggle in your life that you feel you can't handle on your own? Whether it's cancer, your mental health, something financial, or counselling, our first encouragement is that you dive into one of our Simple Churches. It is in the context of small and simple that we are cared for the best. This is where we can learn to care for one another the best. With God's help, we are becoming a community of compassion and support that wants to be there for one another.

Hospice & Bereavement More info coming soon.

Care Fund Assistance

Do you have a financial emergency need?  We encourage you to share this need with a trusted friend from the River Church Family. That is the first step. If you are not yet part of a smaller community where you can be known and have a sense of belonging, we encourage you to begin to visit a Simple Church and / or a Deep Stream Group. This journey of life was meant to be done in community, not isolation. In the mean-time we may be able to offer you a listening ear and counsel. E-mail Pastors Darcy & Kenda at or call 604-848-8007

Counselling Referral and Assistance

Are you struggling to sort through a personal issue and are not sure where to turn? We may be able to help by directing you to someone on staff who is a a certified, professional counsellor or refer you to someone else who has a Christian perspective.  Call Kenda Reimer at 604-848-8227 or go to Explore Watersedge

Addiction Counseling & Christian 12 Step

All of us are in need of God's healing, whether from a hurt, a hang up, or a habit, at some point in our lives.  If you are working the 12 Steps and looking for an addiction counsellor or someone to help you work through a particular step, please contact Pastor Darcy Reimer at or call 604-848-8007

Darcy grew up in an alcoholic home so comes from addiction from that space. Although Darcy hasn't been addicted to alcohol or drugs he has struggled with other addictions. Darcy has received training in addictions for years and is very familiar with cycles of addiction and facing issues of pain.