Simple & Small

Jesus had Peter, James & John. Who's in your boat?

Along with all that takes place in a Simple Gathering (caring for one another, being known, finding belonging, laughter, prayer, perhaps a meal etc.), we want to make room for people to do two things:

1. At least make room for people who want to work through and process what they sensed God say to them at the previous CWG. Work through struggles, questions, doubts, fears and joys. Again, encourage through vulnerability, what it looks like to be real.

2. Gather together in community for fellowship and growth. We all have a desire to be known and belong, so at the River we desire to create these safe spaces for this to happen. 

Our motto for 2020-2021 is Jesus had Peter, James and John. Who's in Your Boat? 

To learn more about the Simple & Small options available at the River please click on link below