Simple Churches

Along with all that takes place in a Simple Gathering (caring for one another, being known, finding belonging, laughter, prayer, perhaps a meal etc.), we want to make room for people to do two things:

1. At least make room for people who want to work through and process what they sensed God say to them at the previous CWG. Work through struggles, questions, doubts, fears and joys. Again, encourage through vulnerability, what it looks like to be real.

2. Learning to listen to God's voice, and learning the value and beauty of God's Living Word, as you work through the Bible Project videos, one by one, from 2 Samuel to Revelation, then from Genesis back to 1 Samuel (we are inviting all the Simple Churches to begin where we are at as the Don Ross Simple, that way we're all journeying together).

At the end of each video is one or two summary questions which could be used to lead a discussion as well; if you sense that is the direction you need to go. Or if you need direction for that particular SC.

Since these videos are only 7-10 minutes, it will leave room for the other things that are vitally important to what Simple is all about. We are not assuming you have to make this the centre-piece or the main attraction for that SC. We still want you to have freedom to lead what's on your heart. But if you can include a Bible Project video as part of what you do every time you meet.

If someone is in crisis, or an emergency derailed the plan to watch a Bible Project video one particular evening, we just encourage you as a leader to remind your SC to watch the video that week.

Here's the link to the Bible Project website. We are at 1 & 2 Kings right now, so just Google Bible Project 1 & 2 Kings

Another option for Simple is this 10 video series designed for the Simple Church setting, created by Andy Lambkin, Pastor of Simple Churches North Vancouver. So if you as a Simple Church have a number of people new to faith, or who are investigating what faith in Jesus is all about, these videos are for you.

Rather than explain it here, you can read the basic outline at this link:

To find out more information on our Simple Churches please click this link