We, the Harada Family, have been serving with New Tribes Mission in the Philippines since 2001, working as tribal church planters amongst the I-Wak people. We spent two years learning the language and culture so we could communicate to them meaningfully. Then we began teaching from Genesis to Christ contrasting their spiritual world view as God teaches in His Word. It was wonderful to see new believers slowly come to faith in November 2006 and we are continuing to see new believers come to faith now. Our aim is to plant a healthy indigenous church which will be self-sustaining and self-governing. We are working on curriculum and discipling new believers to maturity so that they too will be able to bring others to faith in Christ. 

One exciting aspect of our work is to see the Holy Spirit working in peoples lives and watch as they uniquely work out their new faith in their own culture. One young believer has shown great musical en-giftedness and we have recently made a music album of his compositions in a studio. His music touches people in a way we never could. It is awesome to hear someone praising God in their own vernacular. 

Geff is also training to be a language consultant with will allow him to help new missionaries learn their tribal language to a level where they can also communicate the life saving good news of the gospel of Christ to the 180 unique tribal minorities of the Philippines. God's desire is to see every tribe, tongue, and nation glorifying Christ in a way only they can in their unique language and culture. 

Visit http://www.ntm.org/wp/geff_harada/ for more information and to read their blog updates.

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