Place of Rescue is a safe haven for families living with AIDS, orphan children, orphan grannies, and young unmarried pregnant women. 

Place of Rescue was founded as a Cambodian NGO in 2003. At that time all they started with15 houses for AIDS families. Today Place of Resuce is home to 196 orphans and 23 destitue elderly women. In addition to 57 more children who live with their parents who have AIDS. Place of Rescue II is located in Mongkol Borey, Camobodia and is home to 100 orphans. In the province of Pailin 32 children are helped with donations of rice and school supplies. They hope to build an orphanage there soon to give them a secure home. 

They are grateful for organizations such as Samaritans Purse, Touch a Life (USA), Cambodia Action (UK), The Ratanak Foundation and The Christian and Missionary Alliance who have been supportive and encouraging. 

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