Regular Corporate Prayer Times

We have a number of key events that support corporate prayer.

The most significant prayer event which helps to set the tone for the coming ministry season is our Annual Month Prayer held through mid September to mid October (2018 will be Sept 16-Oct 14) at the "Sauna" in Brackendale (contact Claudia who is our prayer coordinator for more info at [email protected]). Come, light a few candles, and make space for the Holy Spirit. Prayer is two-way communication, so please write down what you sense God saying to you (and the church). We so want to hear from Him through this time.This is a hugely significant time as we seek to re-focus our eyes on Jesus for the coming year in anticipation of what He has in store for us. 

We also set aside the month of January for a month of prayer, taking the time to sit at Jesus' feet, as we move into the New Year.