You can well understand that there is a significant challenge in keeping membership 'simple'. Yet we believe that it is possible to keep membership from being overly complicated. So let me try to keep it simple. 

Covenant is a biblical concept. In the Ancient Near East, covenant was a binding agreement in which covenant members had certain obligations to keep and they expected certain benefits in return. What makes covenant different from a simple buisness agreement is that a covenant is based on meaningful relationship between the two parties. Examples of covenant include the covenants God made with all creation in the time of Noah, with Abraham and his descendants, and eventually with the people of Israel at Mount Sinai. To the prophets of the Bible, this covenant was a marriage between Yahweh and His people. Another example of covenant os the commitment between Jesus and people everywhere who follow Him. We believe that to commit our lives to God, one another, and the world in meaningful relationship is what it means to be the Church. 
We invite you to Covenant with The River Church community by exploring our Vision, Mission, and Values and joining us as we seek to be a Network of Simple Churches, immersed in the grace of God, listening to the Spirit, freed to live out Jesus' love. 
Available for download below is both our Membership Covenant Package (which includes more detailed information about Membership at The River) and also the Membership Covenant (to print, sign and deliver/email to one of the elders if you wish to become a member at The River Church.