Deep Stream Growth Events

Deep Stream Growth Events

Multiple Growth Streams Listed for the Coming Year

Know Ourselves

Personality quizzes are fun. After all, who doesn’t like to find out which “Winnie the Pooh” character you are. However, this does point out a deep legitimate need to know ourselves. How did God make me unique? Could the things God asks me to do actually be in line with things I already like? What about my gifting? Where do I fit in the Church? These are the questions we will be addressing this fall in our Deep Stream nights. With so many competing voices out there about what it means to be “you” and with more than enough opportunities to add another “should” to our lives, we really need to know what to embrace or pursue and what to say “no” to. More importantly, how we view ourselves also reveals how we view God. So, on the 4th Sunday night beginning on Oct. 23rd, Nov 27th, and Jan 29th, we will work towards learning more about ourselves and embracing with joy who God made us to be. Each month we will do a different type of “test” and there will be additional books to read if you want to take it deeper for yourself. If you are interested, our first night will be October 23rd.  Time will be 7:30 pm and location will be the Reimer's (41371 Kingswood Road Brackendale). 

Next "Know Yourself" Deep Stream will be Jan 29th 7-9pm at the Reimer’s (41371 Kingswood Road Brackendale). 

This time we will be looking at 5 fold ministries. This is in line with spiritual gifts but a little clearer, I think, in living this out everyday. This is open to everyone - teen to adult. Please keep looking for updates on how to prepare for this one as I’m still working that out.

Following this night we will look forward to plan a follow-up night where we can share with one another how we have begun to press into "practicing" our spiritual gifts; as well, sharing with one another how "knowing ourseves" better has helped to enhance our relationships in and out of the church. So stay tuned for this.

Women’s Group Spiritual Direction

Having been exposed to spiritual direction myself, I would like to offer this opportunity to women of our church who are interested to join me one night a month in group spiritual direction. I know this is new for most of you and may take some courage to step out and try this. However, the personal growth and relational connectedness gained through experiences like this can be life transforming. It is not easy and requires a willingness to open your life to others and together listen for God’s voice. You do not need to be at a certain place spiritually, it is open to all female followers of Jesus. You’ll know this may be for you if in reading this something resonates in your heart. Listen to that. If not, that’s okay. God may have something else for you at this point in your life.  

If you have any questions or know already you want to be part of this, please email me at [email protected] as it helps me get an idea of interest.

Next evening is April 9th so mark your calanders. The remaining dates between now and summer are May 7 and June 11. If you have any questions please contact Pastor Kenda at [email protected]  



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