The office of Alliance Justice and Compassion exists to facilitate the justice and compassion ministries of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada by resourcing, networking and promoting the local, national, and international ministries of the Alliance that seek to bring wholeness and well-being to people made vulnerable by circumstances of poverty, disaster, and injustice.

This ministry also oversees the C&MA’s engagement in global disaster response, ourCanadian Foodgrains Bank food programming, and the Refugee Private Sponsorship Agreement Holder program with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Whether it is a poor widow in West Africa receiving loaner goats to start her own herd, or a hungry man that lives on a downtown street being cared for by a local church in Canada – these kinds of ministries are being administered by our international workers and Canadian local churches.  Our family of churches is recapturing God’s mandate for justice and compassion.  We are on a journey towards restoring a biblical balance of declaring and demonstrating the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ that was a strong narrative in the history of our inception over 125 years ago.

God reveals himself as compassionate and just towards the poor, the oppressed, the hungry, the fatherless, and the widow. Throughout Scripture God instructs His people to be a community that reflects his nature; a people of compassion, justice, and mercy. Thus, acts of compassion and generosity are important spiritual disciplines that we must cultivate in our life; to care for the poor and oppressed; to live generously toward others’ needs.  In doing so, we carry on the ministry of Jesus and reflect an accurate image of God to the world.

Justice ensures that all people are valued and treated with dignity and fairness because all are loved by God and made in his image. Sin causes humans to have a distorted worldview that allows for prejudices that devalue others. As a result, people suffer injustice. Jesus came to redeem our relationships with God, one another and his creation. We are called to be ministers of this message of reconciliation and serve people, releasing them from spiritual, physical, social and economic bondages.

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